“In the quiet corner where the rocks meet the water, I sit & watch the waves – as untamed as my thoughts. I knew, in this moment, that there is simply no other choice for me, than to be free” – Amanda Smith, Editor & Creator 

Every traveller has one. There’s a cliff in Uluwatu on the southern tip of Bali, overlooking the deep blue water.

I sat there watching the sunset, every single night. In part, because it was impossible not to, but most importantly, it became my quiet corner.

In this subconscious panorama I met a sudden, jarring clarity. I have lifelong, return tickets to this place, and my epiphany.

Travel is transformation, not transportation. Being intoxicated by the extremes that give you a rush of energy. That feeling of infinite possibility. The spark that ignites hope… and tells you anything and everything is within your grasp.

Discovering a foreign country as a traveller, not a tourist. It’s more than simply a lifestyle. It’s a point of view, a way of seeing. Of understanding. And yes, travel isn’t always easy but it will change your life. And isn’t that what a journey is all about?

Travel, more than anything, is storytelling. An innocent in new land, making discoveries along the way, with new understandings, unearthed lessons and a changed character. I want to bring back human-centered stories that go beyond the soft, glossy ‘sell’ of travel. In my work, and my words, I bring back characters in travel stories, where my destination is its people. 

I believe there’s beauty in process of leaving and arriving, of getting lost and finding yourself again. Trust the process. Don’t be afraid of the journey. Give in to it. It will give back like you wouldn’t believe. 


A Loco leaves the known to discover and explore the unknown. You have fears, but you don’t let their fears become excuses. 

You don’t wait for life to happen. Loco’s want to create it, live it. You don’t care much for ticking off bucket lists and top ten lists. Instead, you create their own experiences. Travel helps you bridge the gap between observation and experience. As a result, you get a better look at life, and in particular a place. This makes you feel part of a destination – even if only for a short time. 

Loco’s never sugar coat the experience. You understand that travel, like life, can be tough. You find friendships in likeminded people. You invest in people and as a result, have a worldwide ‘family’. Never running away from anything, just like other Locos, you let yourself feel. You’re intuitively independent and a little rebellious. You most important currency to you is human connection.

You’ve got a certain kind of drive that is fuelled through travel. You live an honest life, which often means forging your own path. You understand that some opportunities only come around once.

You, like other Locos, fear routine – days without spontaneity. ‘Settling down’ looks different to a Loco. You look at the world differently.

You’ve got more power than you may even realise. But in time, you’ll find this out. And you’ll use this power to defy odds. A Loco constantly looks inside for their happiness. You’re self-aware and you find love in small moments, just as much as the big ones.

You’ve experienced loss, just like the rest of us. These memories come up on the road – learning to use the journey to process it, to be present.

You’re different from the majority. You let go of the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘shoulds’. You’ve got smile wrinkles. Freckles from the summertime. Bruises from falling off a scooter. A Loco isn’t afraid to live.

Most importantly, a Loco isn’t just a traveller. All Loco’s have a certain mindset that sets them apart. You look at their own city like they would a new city on the other side of the world. You love new encounters. You’re present.

We own our life. That’s the real difference. Loco’s have a unique state of mind – a worldview that we take take with us everywhere. It’s not just about what we do, it’s about who we are.

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