Travelling changes you like little else can. It will put you in places that force you to care for issues bigger than you. It’s about experiencing true risk and adventure, so you don’t have to ever live in fear. 

A lot of us associate travelling with airports, planes, foreign languages, new foods, and the unknown… But what happens when we re-think what ‘home’ means? What if we look at home the same way we look at exploring when travelling?

It’s not the travel bug that bites us. It’s the new bug.

The process of travel is about exposing yourself to new surroundings. I think this is what really makes it so addictive. There is no routine, no constant direction, and no plan. We’re completely vulnerable to the flow of the universe. We’re living in the moment. We’re truly present.

Travel means constantly making decisions and trusting the outcome, no matter which way the road bends. Whether those decisions are as small as choosing your next breakfast, or as big as choosing your next country, trust is needed.

When you travel you’re continually at a crossroads. See, there’s always something new going on. It’s like the old saying: Change is a good as a holiday. It’s because when we open ourselves to new experiences, it gives us that same feeling. 

Don’t let money or work stop you

Money and time are the biggest barriers that prevent people from travelling regularly. But a lot of us don’t see the beauty right in front of us. Instead, we’re looking out to the distance.

We don’t need hundreds of dollars to get in a car and drive to our favourite beach. What about checking out that cool new restaurant that’s just opened up? Give your friends a call and invite them over for drinks. Take weekend trips. Get yourself out of the habit of planning days, weeks, in advance. Say yes, now

Never take your surroundings for granted

You can be a traveller anywhere you go – even at home. Travel means not taking your surroundings for granted. Ever. It’s about making connections with people – friends, family, other travellers, locals, taxi drivers, hotel staff, whoever – because you’re genuinely curious about them. You explore, through people.

Travel bridges the gap between observation and experience, giving us a better look at life in a particular place and making us feel more a part of a destination. We become advocates of our home.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve lived in your hometown before. Cities are almost like living organisms – they grow and they change, too. There are new restaurants, new events, and new people. Look at your city through the eyes of a traveller, which you are. Become one in your own city.

So, if you’re itchy to get abroad, let me tell you this – it won’t stop. Why not give it a good old scratch exploring your own backyard. It all comes back to our mindset, and how we look at the things we do have.

Be adventurous. Be curious. Be open to seeing ‘home’ in a new light.

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