When traveling, the level of responsibility lessens whilst the willingness to venture out and take risks in return for an adventure heightens. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. But all in all, it amounts to a story.

I arrived at the Budapest International Coach Station in Nepliget at 10pm and took the metro station, and a regional train line to meet my Couchsurfing host, Greg, in Szentendre. We were driving home when we spot two girls with their right thumbs up reaching towards the road. Without a moment of hesitation, Greg pulls over and we are soon driving to a city 5kms from Szentendre.

After dropping the girls off, I asked, “is hitchhiking common here?”
“Yeah it can be”, Greg replied, before sharing his own hitchhiking experiences.

Fast forward 24 hours and after watching the Netherlands – Argentina semi final, Greg and I found ourselves waiting for a bus back to Szentendre. However, given the time, public transport wasn’t frequent. Call it karma, luck, or whatever you wish but within 10-15 minutes of waiting with our thumbs up held towards the road, someone picked us up and we were home before the bus we had to wait for even left. Sometimes you do just have to go with the flow and see how it pans out.

Now you still do have to be careful of people looking to exploit your traveling spirit. Creative hustlers will play on your positive vibes and eager attitude which will seemingly be friendly until you get screwed over financially. Do some research before you venture out into some ‘touristy’ places.

Nevertheless, let your traveling spirit roam and enjoy life as it comes.

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