So it turns out traveling with someone of the opposite sex, whom you share a completely platonic relationship with, is an unusual concept for some. Especially those in hospitality who offer you a “romantic table for two” and stand dumbstruck for a few minutes while he regathers his thoughts circulating around the possibility of a platonic relationship.

But then hey, apparently my friend and I argue like a married couple. It’s only been a dozen days and it’s easier to count the days where we haven’t argued or sworn at each other. Which is no days or a very close one. No matter how minute the issue, we escalate it to a Burgundy-style scenario. Mispronounce a word, and you become the stupidest person on the planet. Try to share some knowledge and suddenly you’re a know-it-all. To begin with, we just tried to test each other out, see where boundaries lay. And now we’ve crossed the lines and made our triggers known. Yet we still shoot at each other.

Why? Because we’d only met twice before embarking on this crazy ass adventure.And because we have different traveling styles. We’ve both traveled alone and she’d rather get drunk where as I’d rather chill. She hates walking and it’s my favourite way of exploring a city. I know how to budget…ah, won’t even go there. It seems we’re binary opposites. But it’s not all bad. Traveling with someone who you travels in a different way allows you to try new things and you enter even more random situations. Plus, you’re not the only one who’ll remember these moments.

Without a doubt, some of these moments are frustrating and I admit I’ve had to walk off or stay put, in order to avoid clashes. Then you think, what is this trip for? Why have I decided to persevere? And when you keep your answer in tact, you’ll gain to realise the purpose and the meaning of it all where lights around you highlight the beauty of travel. If you need to distance yourself, do so. It happens to people everywhere. Travel is no different. It just so happens to be in a different place.

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