Why do you travel? Just like the destinations we want to visit, our motivations for exploring the world are different, too.

It seems travel is deep-rooted inside me. The first time I got on that plane, in my teens, my life completely changed. I knew travel would be an important part of my life. I changed.

Travel is the fuel for my life. It keeps me moving in the right direction. It’s everything. 

I travel to discover myself, the world and others’ worlds. Travel grounds me and opens me up. It challenges me. It reminds me life is fleeting and none of us get out alive. I want my life to be full of memories, not regrets.

I asked 20 people: young and old, natural vagabonds and holidayers. Here’s what travel means to them.

20 people share why they’re inspired by travel

1.  I travel because of the Twin Towers. I visited them in 2000 and they were gone the next year. I want to see everything while I still have the chance.

2.  I travel because it is where I feel the most at home. When I’m lost, I always find myself.

3.  For self-discovery and exploration… And to remind myself of my soul being.

4.  I would say I travel to try and break away from the everyday 9-5 lifestyle, meet new people, make memories and adventures that can last a lifetime. I’ve always been that person that has never known what I want out of life and I always get a sense of fulfilment when I travel.

5.  We travel to experience different cultures from our own. Countries, people and memories that are not western.

6.  Travel gives me something to work towards and live for. It’s fuel for the soul.

7.  To feel truly alive. 

8.  To experience a new culture, new food, the unknown, to open yourself up, to accept other ways of life, to have fun, to feel freedom, to be amazed, to be strong, to gain knowledge.

9.  To give my kids the experience of the world and other cultures. Teach them that life isn’t just about what we know at home. There are so many different ways to live and learn.

10.  To experience and see people, places and culture. To feel the freedom and happiness that you get every time to arrive at an airport. Every traveller knows the feeling.

11.  For the ability to have good times with new friends in new places.

12.  I travel because it is where I feel the most at home. When I’m lost, I always find myself. 

13.  To find myself, over and over again. 

14.  I travel sometimes to have a break from where I’m at, physically and emotionally. And then to get back there in a stronger way to truly embrace where I’m meant to be.

15.  Travelling without any sense of self-awareness is like to going out at different restaurants every night in your city just because you have money. You don’t really take anything of any value from the experience. Very few people seem to have a traveller’s aura, because most people can’t leave their identities and deep rooted mindset. This is why I travel. Not because it’s cool or harm the local sentiments, but to experience them.

16.  Travel means getting away from home/work life and going on an adventure.

17.  To remind myself that there are different ways to life and grab life by the balls while I still can.  

18.  To be able to notice things. Take things in and experience new things because they’re different. Appreciation.

19.  To have more unique experiences including sights, sounds, tastes and meeting people. To take the road less travelled which is an idea I enjoy.

20.  We travel to learn and understand. To learn about history, culture, different perspectives, about others and, just as importantly, about ourselves. We travel to discover our differences and our similarities, and to develop an understanding of our place in the world.

Step outside of your own

Greater awareness – about themselves, others and the world – and exposure to new experiences were two common reasons why people travel. It’s great to understand why travel is important to you, so you can do everything you can to make the most of your adventures.

I’ll continue to travel to peel back those layers that stick over time and bring me back to my true self.

Now, it’s your turn! Why do you travel? We’d love to hear from you. Tell us, what does travel mean to you?

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