A Loco leaves their known to discover the unknown. They have fears, but they don’t let their fears become excuses. They could be looking for something or just simply want to embrace life – the good and the bad.

A Loco doesn’t wait for life to happen. Loco’s want to create it, live it. They don’t care much for ticking off bucket lists and top ten hits. Instead, they create their own experiences. They’re curious. They talk to locals, taxi drivers, restaurants staff, strangers, anyone

These types of travellers never sugar coat the experience. They understand that travel, like life, can be tough. They find friendships in likeminded people. They invest in people and as a result, have a worldwide ‘family’.

Never running away from anything, Locos let themselves feel. They’re intuitively independent and a little rebellious. The most important currency to them is human connection.

A Loco is afraid of living in regret, above all. But they’ve got a certain kind of drive that is fuelled through travel. They live an honest life, which often means forging their own path. They understand that some opportunities only come around once.

They fear routine, days without spontaneity. ‘Settling down’ looks different to a Loco. They look at the world differently.

Different from the rest, a Loco believes (or are, at least, open to believing) that travel and reality don’t have to be two different things. Travel can be a Loco’s reality. They’re constant learners. Not necessarily through books, but experiences.  

Thriving on a challenge, a Loco only competes with themselves. They’ve got more power than they may even realise. But in time, they find this out. And they use this power to defy odds.

A Loco constantly looks inside for their happiness. They’re self-aware. They find love in small moments, just as much as the big ones.

A smile from a stranger…

A long conversation watching the sunset…

They’ve experienced loss, just like the rest of us. These memories come up on the road – and they learn to use the journey to process it, to be present.  

A Loco is a dreamer and a doer. They’re different from the majority. They let go of the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘shoulds’. They’ve got smile wrinkles. Freckles from the summertime. Bruises from falling off a scooter. A Loco isn’t afraid to live and take risks, for the sake of their happiness. 

Most importantly, a Loco isn’t just a traveller. All Loco’s have a certain mindset that sets them apart. They look at their own city like they would if they were somewhere on the other side of the world. They appreciate home. They continue to make new memories. They’re present.

Loco’s own their life. That’s the real difference.

A Loco is you… because you’re still reading this. You’re different, just like us.

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