Every traveller has one – a pinnacle place or point in time where everything changes.

There’s a cliff in Uluwatu on the southern tip of Bali, overlooking the deep blue water. I sat there watching the sunset, every single night. In part, because it was impossible not to, but most importantly, it became my quiet corner.

In this subconscious panorama I met a sudden, jarring clarity. I have lifelong, return tickets to this place, and my epiphany.

Travel is transformation, not transportation. Being intoxicated by the extremes that give you a rush of energy. That feeling of infinite possibility. The spark that ignites hope… and tells you anything and everything is within your grasp.

Discovering a foreign country as a traveller, not a tourist. It’s more than simply a lifestyle. It’s a point of view, a way of seeing. Of understanding. Unearthing lessons and coming back changed. And yes, travel isn’t always easy but it will change your life. And isn’t that what a journey is all about?

I’m fascinated by those small moments – moments between moments.

Watching from a train window, a little girl runs into her grandma’s wide embrace, giggling.

Walking through international arrivals and seeing a beaming husband greet his wife a bouquet of flowers – a tear running down his right cheek.

Those are the moments, tiny gestures, I see. This is what inspires me. 

The life I live today emulates everything I believe in. Every person I meet holds a special part of my heart. Every place I’ve been becomes a part of me. There’s a beauty in the process of leaving and arriving, of getting lost and finding yourself again. I’ve learned that travel is really a state of mind. That it’s less about what we do and more about who we are. And you know how powerful this is?

10 years of travelling has brought me to these perspectives. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen.

I knew when I was in my late teens that I wanted to become a travel writer. And I never waivered with this, despite the ‘oh, that’s so hard to get into’ and ‘do you have a plan B.’ 

To be honest, you just need that drive, that unshakable determination. I worked two jobs for years – in offices and takeaway shops – just to make enough money to get on a plane. I never let any excuses stop me. And now, I’m writing this on the floor of a hotel in Orchha – a small village town in Rajasthan, India. The journey to get here was rocky but inevitable.

If you want something, truly want something deep in your soul, you’ve got everything you need to make it your reality. The only thing you need is you. Nothing else matters… nothing at all.

Trust the process. It’ll be different to everyone else, so never compare. Don’t be afraid of the journey. Give in to it. Embrace it. It will give back like you wouldn’t believe.

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